Improve Your Writing


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  • Kristi Fleetwood

    Queens College Adjunct Faculty
June 15–19
8:30–11:00 a.m.


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  • $350

For Rising 6th–12th Graders

“Ideas are cheap...It is the execution that is all-important.” – George R.R. Martin

Writing feels like an ingrained skill that we should all know how to do. I speak English. I know how to write it. But, my experience teaching college writing over the last four years has taught me that most students, especially native English speakers, don’t know much about writing. Writing is a skill that is honed with time and practice. Working together, I want to help you build your knowledge of writing across multiple genres. From social media, personal blogs, to class essays, we will work over the course on grammar, mechanics, idea development, and writing structures to best present your voice to the world.


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