Algebra/Geometry Boot Camp


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  • Dr. Jon Gray

    Math Teacher, Indian Springs School
July 16–20
1:00–2:00 P.M.


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  • $300

For Students Planning To Enroll in Algebra I or Geometry (at Indian Springs or another school)

If you are feeling rusty with your algebra skills and would like to prepare effectively for Algebra I or Geometry, then this is the course for you! Particular attention will be given to rational arithmetic, simplifying complicated numerical expressions, manipulating variable expressions, exponents, and solutions to linear equations.

Dr. Jon Gray, Instructor

By the time the end of July hits us, we’re all pretty rusty in the mathematics (teachers included!). Rather than spend the first few weeks of class trying to remember all of the work you did last year, it really helps to spend some time over the summer refreshing yourself in the basics so that you can focus on the more important, conceptual elements in the fall."


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