Leadership Development


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  • Loren Gary

    Director of Advancement, Journalism Teacher
July 9–13 | 9:00–11:00 A.M.


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Leadership Development for Student Leaders: The Inner Journey
Designed for students involved in civic participation, community service, or student government, this weeklong course will help participants develop the "inner architecture" necessary for authoring your own life. Through assessments, reading, and group work, you'll achieve enough self-understanding—including an awareness of your characteristic tendencies and triggers—so that you can lead others effectively. In particular, you'll learn
  • where you draw your energy
  • your preferred way of taking in information
  • the means you use to make decisions
  • the speed with which you make decisions
  • how you handle conflict
  • the relative amounts of time that your thinking tends to focus on the past, the present, and the future
  • how to make more accurate inferences.

Loren Gary, Instructor

I believe that the best leaders are those who who did not start out wanting to become leaders. Instead, they became leaders because they identified something important they wanted to accomplish, and realized they needed others' help in order to accomplish it. I also believe that the most effective leaders have not forgotten how to be good followers."


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