Strength, Struggle & Staying the Course


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  • Janae Peters

    Dean of Student Development & Community Life and Director of Summer Programs, Indian Springs School
  • Clayton Colvin

    Art Teacher, Indian Springs School
  • D'Anthony Allen

    English Teacher, Indian Springs School
June 16–23
(Residential Camp)


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  • $1,000

For Indian Springs School 10th and 11th graders, by application only

A combined group of students from Indian Springs School and Brearley School (New York City, New York) will travel through Alabama, experiencing historical locations of the Civil Rights Movement. Destinations will include the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham), the 16th Street Baptist Church (Birmingham), Woodlawn High School (Birmingham), the Rural Studio (Newbern), and several points of interest in Selma and Montgomery.
This immersion program will allow students to build connections between past and present social injustices, and also place them in a position to reflect on the future of civil rights in America. Culminating in a collaborative final project, the program will encourage active listening and shared experiences, as well as self-reflection and creative expression. For the duration of the week, the group of students will live and work together on the Indian Springs School campus.

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Janae Peters, Instructor

In her novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, acclaimed African-American author Zora Neale Hurston writes: ‘You got tuh go there tuh know there.’ This is an exciting opportunity to go to and get to know the most important destinations of the Civil Rights Movement, and to witness the power of storytelling and the parts of history that don’t usually show up in the textbooks.”


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